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  • An effective leader is the one who satisfies the psychological needs of his followers.
  • “What can you do to keep sibling rivalry under control? You can be fair, and you can avoid playing favourites. The executive is inevitably a father figure. To be a good father, whether it is to his children or to his associates, requires that he be understanding, that he be considerate, and that he be human enough to be affectionate.”
  • Hiring potential leaders or future leaders: Have they had leadership experience between the ages of 18-22 ? Odds are they will emerge as leaders in middle life.


  1. On average, five times as many people read the headline as the body copy.
  2. Headline needs to promise a benefit, provide a call-to-action and help the user reached their ‘desired state’.
  3. Headlines with news are recalled by 22% more people than ads without news e.g. announcement of a new product, improvement etc.
  4. Headline hooks: saving money, helpful information, being popular/ receiving compliments.
  5. Helpful information is read by 75% more people than copy which deals only with the product.


  • ‘Story appeal’ encourages┬áthe reader to find out what the image is communicating and how it supports the text.
  • Use of unique elements that may not traditionally fit in e.g. eyepatch on a bartender.