The Five Stages of Tribal Leadership by Phil Jackson

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Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls weren’t always a dream team. Find out how Phil Jackson built a dynasty through his five stages of leadership

Stage 1 – Stage 1 members do not believe that greatness can be achieved, do not believe in team cohesion and achieving results as a group. Stage 1 teams do not see any point in trying.
Stage 2 – Stage 2 teams have a cynical view towards improvement. They complain but offer no solutions, since they are overwhelmed by the situation. “They generally behave in a reactive manner and try to dodge responsibility while they perceive themselves as victims.”

Stage 3 (Nobody appreciates what I do) – This large cohort accounts for 49% of teams. Team members compete against each other. Team members can achieve greatness but do so for their own personal gain. They have yet to see how working together can achieve a greater mission, and how helping their team mates will help them become greater versions of themselves.

Stage 4 (Passing the ball) – 22% of teams enter this zone of “We’re great, and they’re not”. Proud of their team, members compete with other tribes, not each other. Stage 4 teams display strong adversity, especially when they have gone through tough challenges.

Stage 5 (Magic) – Rarely do teams reach stage 5. At this level, the team’s mantra is “life is great”. This highly evolved team removes ego from the equation, having no need to compete against other teams. Stage 5 teams strive solely to carve out their own path of greatness. They work solely for the “innocent wonderment” of discovery and accomplishment.
Stage 5 members are focused on helping each other and playing unselfishly as a team to achieve their mission.

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